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In the big picture of medicine, herbal medicine has a small role to play but no matter how small the role, it can still be very important for many people. My philosophy to treatment is threefold. Firstly, a concrete medical diagnosis. Secondly, assuming the problem is not treatable with conventional methods or the risk/reward ratio or reward/side effect ratio is low, can the problem actually be treated with evidence based life style medicine. Thirdly, if it can't be treated with lifestyle medicine, can the problem be treated, safely and effectively with evidence based herbal medicine.  

Treatment Specialisations


Ross River & Barmah Forest Virus

Atopic Eczema & Psoriasis


Chronic Fatigue 

"The healer you have been looking for is in yourself. To tap into this innate healing device, evolutionary biology tells us, we must live a life in the way nature designed us to."


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450 Canning Highway

Como, 6151




Tel: 0435405273

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